2 Award winning images

I was beyond thrilled to win two Wedisson awards for the images below in the 34th Collection in January. 

wedding photographer kevin-kheffache-ireland-35collection-wedisson.jpg

I've never entered any photography competitions before but in December I decided to set myself a goal for 2018 of trying to win a international photography award. I really didn't expect to win in January as the Wedisson awards have a seriously high standard but I'm certainly not complaining. 

I like that of the two photos that won, one was a photo-journalistic (unstaged) shot and the other was more experimental. For the experimental one, I used a bit of a old copper pipe to bounce the natural sunlight onto Sinead and Seamus to make that fog/flare effect. The other one was much more ad-hoc, I got down low and shot upwards to frame Sinead and Seamus as they were exiting the church. 

To be fair though, most of the credit for the photos goes to the gorgeous couple who made it way too easy for us!

wedding photographer 2 kevin-kheffache-ireland-35collection-wedisson.jpg
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