Irish Documentary Wedding Photographer - 2018

Honoured, thrilled, shocked are three of the 40 or so emotions that span through my head when they called out my name to come up on stage to collect the award at the Irish Wedding Photographers Awards night in Belfast last week. It was actually a joint award, if I’m being totally honest but given the incredibly high standard of the other Irish wedding photographers in that room, I’d have taken even a runner-up place with absolute pleasure.

There’s a blog post that I wrote back in June where I had mentioned that I had set myself a goal of winning 10 wedding photography awards in 2018 and at the time of writing, I had 5 in the bag but this one is different. The wedding photojournalist awards are awards for individual wedding photographs but the award pictured here was for a selection of images that 3 Irish judges deemed to be worthy of this pretty feckin’ amazing title.

wedding photographer of the year.jpg

I know a lot of photographers don’t like to enter awards or competitions but I find that they help keep me sharp. Myself and Annie both regularly enter them and we sit down every two weeks and look through our images to see how they measure up to our wedding photography goals.

Kevin KheffacheComment