Wedding Photo-Journalism

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It all started when…

the Traditional Wedding Photographer (not me) used to be about setting up or fabricating a set of photos that usually required a lot of posing or direction to the couple. This usually meant that the photographer was very ‘present’ during the day.


Photography for people who don’t like to have their photo taken”

The Wedding Photojournalist (me!) turns that on its head. He prefers to stand back and instead of creating 'perfect' scenes, allows the moments to happen, capturing them in truth and realism. When done right, the end product is a unique set of photos that, although maybe not completely flawless, will capture the actual real beauty, emotion and atmosphere of the day. I find it to be closer to Street photography that any other genre of photography.

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Creative Portraiture


The “Creative” Wedding Photojournalist (also me!) will take some time out of the day to get into some nice light and try out some couple shoots. A little quiet time away from the guests. I’m not looking for cheesy couple photos but some nice ‘in between’ moments. This can take anything from 20 minutes or go for as long as an hour. It’s entirely guided by the couple and we’ll have a chat about it in advance.