Fine Art Book

Fine Art Book

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The Fine Art Book is presented with your images printed directly on to the page. With an almost invisible crease and the ability to bleed images off the page, this format allows for versatile album designs. This gives us the flexibility to really tell the story of your day through the photos.

  • Each page measures approximately 0.5mm thick

  • Available in 2 sizes: 10 inches X 10 inches or 12 Inches X 12 Inches

  • It can hold up to 100 pages - you should work off approx. 2 photos per page when trying to decide on how many pages you might need.

  • The Fine Art Book has a really nice flexible feel when turning from page to page.

  • Made using finest quality papers and ink

  • Each double page opens flat with an almost invisible crease.

  • Printing across the crease allows for unrestricted layout designs to showcase your images.

  • All Fine Art Books are packages by hand and are presented in a natural cotton bag within a kraft cardboard box.

  • Price includes 3 album design layouts & VAT

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The Fine Art book comes with a genuine leather cover and in a variety of colours. I usually suggest waiting until after you've seen the first draft before making a decision on the cover colour.  

How does it work?

  1. First decide which type (Fine Art or Matted) and size (10x10 or 12X 12) of album you would like . 
  2. Decide on how many pages you need. Work off the basis of roughly 2.5 images per page (so for example 30 page album = 75 images). We can add or remove pages later if necessary (and re-invoice or refund). 
  3. Place an order with the online shop.
  4. Once I receive the order, I'll be in touch about the photo selection process.
  5. Once we have the photos selected, I'll send you an initial draft of the layout (online). 
  6. You give me feedback on the first draft and I send you the second draft.* 
  7. Rinse and repeat for the 3rd draft (if necessary).
  8. Once we've confirmed the final proof, I look after sending the files to the printers.

Once we send the files, it usually takes 4-6 weeks for the albums to be delivered to you.

*There are 3 design proofs included in the cost of the album (additional designs are charged at €50 per design).