Kevin Kheffache.


When I was 10, I sometimes hung out with my next door neighbour. Micheal was in his 70's and was an amateur photographer with a dark-room in his attic and a pile of old film cameras that he let me use fairly freely. He also had a proper telescope and used to take unbelievably good Astro-photos. 

Over 2 decades later, I meet and marry Annie. Annie gives up a successful career in corporate law to focus on her passion of photography. She's now an award winning wedding photographer and the idea that she used to work in Law is a long gone memory. I ran my own company and I kept up with photography (Astro-photography but also landscapes and travel). I also took up a bit of Videography.


Max & Me

- Photo by Annie

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Then, in 2015, little Max comes along and photography takes on a whole new meaning to me. I see how fast life moves and have a new appreciation for capturing moments and people. I also start shooting weddings with Annie and really get into it. I'm a fairly hardcore "wedding photojournalist" meaning that I love the unstaged, natural moments that happen at weddings and the challenge that it is to get them. 

2018 now and Micheal has long since left us. I haven't taken an Astro-photography picture in a few years and instead, my photo catalogue is now pretty much just Wedding photography, Max, Annie & some Jiu Jitsu photos (I like Jiu Jitsu). 

I also still have a pile of old Film cameras I like to play with from time to time and I'm happy out.  


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